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1) You pay the discounted price for any of our available CD Keys.

2) Our system will send you the ordered CD-key usually within 2-5mintues. However, sometimes due to security policies, delays occur and can take upwards to 24 hours.

3) Once you receive your key all you have to do is activate the game on platform supported by the publishers such as steam, origin, battlenet or uplay. :)


Some keys are not supported by any of the platforms listed below, if that is the case you will have to download the game from other source and the key will have to be activated during installation process or in game.

4) After the order has been completed, your account will be rewarded with Reward Points which can be converted into Discount Vouchers for your future purchases.



  • Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition
    $29.99 $19.99

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